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Can Diabetic Retinopathy Be Reversed?

A top view looking down into a valley with a city surrounded by water in the distance with black specs all over showing what someone with Diabetic Retinopathy see's

Diabetes can increase your risk of developing certain eye conditions. One of these conditions is diabetic retinopathy, affecting over 4 million Americans. With treatment, your optometrist can help protect your vision.  If you have diabetic retinopathy, can it be reversed? Continue reading to learn more about this condition, including if it’s reversible and what treatments […]

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How To Prevent Myopia From Worsening?

A close-up of what someone's vision with myopia looks like through the lenses of glasses for nearsightedness individuals. The close-up objects are two plants sharp behind the glasses lens but blurry on the outsides

Myopia is one of the most common refractive errors around, and it poses a unique risk for children. There’s an increased risk of several eye diseases when myopia progresses. With this in mind, is there any way to prevent this condition from worsening?  Continue reading to learn more about myopia, including how you can prevent […]

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