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Why Am I Waking Up with Dry Eyes?

A woman waking up in her bed with dry eyes is covering the light from the window with her eyes due to light sensitivity.

Dry eyes can be very noticeable and often very bothersome—there’s not much worse than starting your day with them. When your dry eyes are more than just a sign of fatigue, an eye exam can identify what underlying problem may be. Most likely, dry eye disease is the reason behind your dry eyes when you […]

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What Are the Best Contact Lenses for Dry Eye and Allergy Sufferers?

A woman holding her eyelid up with one hand with a contact lens on her finger on the other hand about to put the contact lens in her eye

Contact lenses are a popular choice for many people who don’t want to be held down by glasses. They can offer a wide range of benefits, including clearer vision, freedom of movement, and a more natural appearance. However, that doesn’t mean contacts don’t also have their drawbacks, especially for those who suffer from dry eyes […]

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