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Can Stress Cause Dry Eyes?

A young woman in a purple robe had worsened her dry eyes due to lack of sleep.

Millions of Americans live with the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eye disease. With Americans also reporting overwhelming stress levels, it might cause you to wonder if stress can affect your physical health—specifically dry eyes. A recent study revealed an interesting connection between stress and dry eyes—stress doesn’t cause the condition, but it can make the […]

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Can Dry Eyes Cause Headaches?

A lady in a gray colored cardigan is touching her closed eyes with a gesture of irritation on her face.

It’s possible that at some point in your life, you may have experienced dry eyes and headaches—it’s possible your dry eye and headaches could be linked if they happen at the same time. Comprehensive eye exams can help diagnose dry eyes and provide dry eye therapy treatment options for relief, which can address the underlying […]

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