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Q and A with the Pros: All About Computer Vision Syndrome Hero

Q and A with the Pros: All About Computer Vision Syndrome

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Digital devices and continuous advances in technology have certainly made our lives easier and more fun. That said, using them for prolonged periods may cause more harm than good to your visual health. One common problem you may have encountered is computer vision syndrome (CVS). Let your trusted family eye care clinic, Park Slope Eye, answer commonly asked questions about this condition.

Q: What Is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Also referred to as digital eye strain, CVS refers to the eye discomfort you experience after using your gadgets for an extended time. This feeling of tiredness in your eyes is especially profound if you were holding your digital devices just a few inches away from your face.

Q: What Causes CVS?

There are various factors which may contribute to CVS development. That said, overexposure to blue light is its major culprit. This type of radiation emits higher energy frequencies, allowing them to easily penetrate your eyes. According to your expert eye doctor, staring at your TV or computer screen may also cause you to blink less, reducing the lubrication in your eyes. Dry eyes may heighten the feeling of fatigue in your eyes. Insufficient lighting and poor posture may put additional stress and pressure on your eyes as well, making you more likely to have CVS.

Q: What Are the Common Symptoms of CVS?

Your eyes’ sclera may take on a reddish hue when you have digital eye strain. You may also feel that your eyes, along with your head, neck, and shoulders, are sore and heavy. They may produce discharge as well. You may find it difficult to see distant and bright things clearly too. If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s best to seek help from your reputable eye clinic.

Q: How Is CVS Managed?

Your eye care specialist advises observing proper posture and sufficient lighting, especially if you regularly spend many hours in front of digital devices. We also encourage practicing the 20-20-20 rule. This involves resting your eyes for 20 seconds or more by looking 20 feet away once you have spent 20 minutes dealing with blue light-emitting gadgets. We may suggest using computer eyewear as well, which is engineered to prevent blue rays from entering your eyes.

If you have any further questions about computer vision syndrome, just fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment. We serve Brooklyn, Park Slope, and surrounding NY communities.


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