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4 Signs You Need a Comprehensive Eye Exam Hero

4 Signs You Need a Comprehensive Eye Exam

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Having regular eye exams plays a crucial role in your preventative eye care. Undergoing a comprehensive eye assessment at least every two years is the best way to detect potential eye diseases that may be asymptomatic in their early stages. You should schedule an appointment with Park Slope Eye as soon as possible if any of the following four circumstances apply to you:

Comprehensive Eye Exam

1. You Have Frequent Episodes of Headaches, Eye Fatigue, or Visual Disturbances

Eye strain and headaches are often a signal that your current lens prescription is no longer effective and you need an upgrade. We will perform a comprehensive eye exam to determine the correct prescription for you. Seeing floaters or any visual disturbances may indicate vision-threatening disorders. Visit your expert optometrist promptly for a more detailed evaluation.

2. You Experience Sudden Changes With Your Eyesight

If you experience blurred vision when viewing close- or distant-range objects, you may have a refractive error. Peripheral sight loss, also known as tunnel vision, is a common manifestation of glaucoma. Seeing a shadow or dark curtain across your visual field may be a sign of retinal detachment. If you experience any of these symptoms, seek immediate attention from your reliable eye doctor.

3. You Have a Family History of Vision Problems or Pre-Existing Vision Problem

Heredity is one of the most common risk factors of almost all vision problems. Visually impaired individuals are also advised to undergo eye exams annually so we can continually monitor the effectiveness of our treatment and provide any needed upgrades.

4. You Haven’t Had Your Eyes Checked in Over Two Years

Undergoing comprehensive eye exams regularly is a key tool in safeguarding your eyesight as it allows us to promptly identify and treat any vision-related problems before they become more serious. If you haven’t had an eye exam for the past two years, we recommend scheduling an appointment with your family eye care provider as soon as possible.

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