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8 Nutrients & Their Food Sources for Clearer Eyesight

A pair of eyeglasses resting next to fresh carrots on a wooden surface.

When it comes to maintaining your eyesight, your diet plays a fundamental role. While several factors can contribute to poor vision, diet often plays a much bigger role than you think. Like every other part of your body, your eyes require essential nutrients to function properly, so it’s vital to know what nutrients your eyes […]

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When Should Kids Have Their First Eye Exam?

An eye doctor using a slit lamp to examine a young girl's eyes during a kids eye exam.

Children tend to be visual learners. The health of their eyes impacts how they grow, learn, develop, and explore the world around them. Unfortunately, many eye conditions, such as myopia, develop in childhood, which is why it’s imperative to be proactive about your child’s visual health. The most effective way to keep your child’s eyes […]

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