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Correcting Eye Movement Disorders With Vision Therapy Hero

Correcting Eye Movement Disorders With Vision Therapy

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To see clearly, your two eyes need to move in perfect sync with each other—otherwise you may experience eye movement disorders. Two such disorders are strabismus and nystagmus, which your expert eye doctor from Park Slope Eye discusses in today’s post:

correcting eye movement disorders with vision therapy


Strabismus, a condition that often arises during childhood, occurs when your eyes are unable to coordinate properly with each other. This may cause one eye to look in one direction while the other focuses on something else, resulting in misaligned eyes or “cross eyes.” The lack of coordination results in two different images being sent to your brain. To compensate, affected individuals often squint their eyes or tilt their heads. In some cases, the brain may be forced to ignore signals coming from the weaker eye, leading to another disorder known as amblyopia or “lazy eyes.”


Nystagmus, also known as “dancing eyes,” occurs when you develop involuntary and uncontrollable eye movements. Heredity and brain tumors are common risk factors for nystagmus. You may notice that your eyes are constantly shaking and rapidly jerking either up and down or side to side. In mild cases, we may suggest wearing contact lenses for your improved visual acuity.

Vision Therapy

We will perform a comprehensive eye exam to assess your visual health. We may also ask you to undergo a neurological assessment to evaluate the working relationship between your eyes and brain. It’s important that we establish the root cause of your eye movement disorder to guide us in creating your treatment plan.

At Park Slope Eye, we offer vision therapy services to help improve your binocular coordination. This involves performing eye exercises for a certain period to strengthen your ocular muscles. We may also advise wearing an eye patch as well as using therapeutic lenses and computer-assisted devices to enhance your eyes’ coordination. This method can help correct your eye misalignment, excessive eye motion, and other vision deficiencies.

For more information about eye movement disorders, feel free to complete our form and schedule a visit. We serve Park Slope, Brooklyn, and nearby areas in New York.


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