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Pro Talk: Effects of Digital Devices on Your Kids’ Eyes Hero

Pro Talk: Effects of Digital Devices on Your Kids’ Eyes

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Seeing kids with their eyes glued to their gadgets is almost more common than seeing them playing outside these days. Although digital devices offer benefits for your children’s learning and overall development, they may also cause eyesight problems, like computer vision syndrome (CVS). In today’s post, your trusted pediatric eye doctor from Park Slope Eye discusses this condition:

Digital Devices

Computer Vision Syndrome

Digital devices like smart phones and computers emit blue light rays, which have high frequencies and short wavelengths that enable them to penetrate deep into your eyes. Since children’s eyes are still developing and vulnerable, they are at a higher risk of developing blue light-induced ocular changes. After watching TV or playing computer games for some time, their eyes may appear red and feel tired and heavy. This is the condition known as CVS, or digital eye strain. You may also notice your kid frequently squinting or rubbing their eyes.

Ways to Prevent CVS

We suggest bringing your children to our clinic for eye exams at least once every one to two years. This lets us monitor any changes in their eye structures and check for signs of CVS. During your appointment, we can also explain the potential effects of excessive computer use. We can help your child choose a pair of high-quality computer eyeglasses as well to keep blue light from penetrating their eyes.

During your clinic visit, we may teach your children the 20-20-20 rule: after every 20 minutes spent on a digital device, rest your eyes for 20 seconds on an object 20 feet away. We also suggest minimizing the use of fluorescent lights and reducing the computer brightness settings, as brightly lit rooms and devices emit more blue rays,.

CVS often causes dry eyes, so we can provide premier dry eye treatment for your children too. For more information about CVS and ways to prevent it, please complete our form and request an appointment. We serve Brooklyn, NY.


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