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Glaucoma 101 Part 1: Risk Factors, Cause and Major Forms Hero

Glaucoma 101 Part 1: Risk Factors, Cause and Major Forms

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Glaucoma is an eye condition caused by increased intraocular pressure (IOP). It can cause optic nerve compression and damage, putting you at a high risk of experiencing irreversible vision loss. As we observe Glaucoma Awareness Month this January, Park Slope Eye, your trusted eye care clinic, sheds light on this condition.

Glaucoma 101 Part 1: Risk Factors, Cause and Major Forms

Risk Factors

Anyone at any age may develop glaucoma, but people over the age of 40 are at a higher risk. Glaucoma can be hereditary, so if you have a close relative with the condition you may be more likely to develop it too


The space between your iris and cornea forms an angle where the trabecular meshwork is located, where your eye fluids normally drain. Structural irregularities or blockages in this area may hamper the drainage process, resulting in increased IOP. Your eye specialist explains that the high IOP levels may compress and eventually damage your optic nerve, leading to irreversible vision loss or even blindness.


Approximately 90% of the reported cases of glaucoma are classified as open or wide-angle. This happens when the eye fluid draining process is compromised even if there’s nothing blocking the drainage angle. As your eye fluids continue to build up, your IOP rises as well.

Close or narrow-angle glaucoma occurs when obstructions restrict your drainage angle, leading to eye fluid accumulation and high IOP levels. You may see halos around lights while objects appear blurry or distorted. Tunnel syndrome, the loss of peripheral vision, is also common. You may experience headaches and nausea frequently as well. This type of glaucoma is also often associated with sudden blindness, which is why prompt eye care management is necessary.

For more information about glaucoma, complete our form to schedule an appointment. We serve families in Brooklyn and nearby New York areas. Don’t forget to check the last installment of this two-part blog to learn about our suggested treatment for this condition.


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