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Understanding LASIK and How It Differs From PRK Hero

Understanding LASIK and How It Differs From PRK

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At Park Slope Eye, we offer various vision correction methods, including LASIK. This in-office eye care procedure promises long-term results and a relatively short recovery time.


Here’s how it works:

How LASIK Is Performed

Your eye surgeon will first apply topical anesthetic drops on your eyes. Once the drops take effect, we’ll then create a flap on your corneal surface using a microkeratome or a femtosecond laser. Then, we’ll hold the flap back so we can access the underlying tissue. Using an excimer laser, cool ultraviolet light rays are used to ablate the corneal tissues.

Your eye doctor explains that the goal is to correct the irregularity of your cornea that’s causing your refractive error. Once everything is in place, we’ll put the flap back to its original position. LASIK promotes natural healing of your eyes, so you won’t have to worry about stitches or bandages.

Eligibility for LASIK

LASIK is available for people 18 years old and above. To be eligible for the procedure, your lens prescription should have remained the same for the previous year and your overall visual health should be good. You also need to be in a good state of overall physical health. Most importantly, you must have a good understanding of LASIK, including the procedure, possible effects and associated risks.

How LASIK Differs From PRK

Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) was actually the first form of laser eye surgery. Unlike LASIK, PRK doesn’t involve creating a corneal flap. Instead, your corneal epithelium, the outermost layer, will be totally removed. It will take a few days for the cornea to repair and heal itself, growing new epithelial cells within a few days. During this time, your eye surgeon or family eye care specialist may ask you to wear soft contact lenses as a bandage.

For more information about LASIK and our other vision correction options, fill out our form to schedule an appointment. We serve Brooklyn and the surrounding communities in New York.


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