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Eye Exercise: Improving Eyesight Through Vision Therapy Hero

Eye Exercise: Improving Eyesight Through Vision Therapy

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Vision therapy is a non-intrusive way of correcting various eye problems. It involves activities that help relieve eye irritations and manage different vision problems. Park Slope Eye, an eye care clinic, discusses the different eye exercises involved in vision therapy.

Eye Exercise: Improving Eyesight Through Vision Therapy

Pencil Push Up

One of the most common eye exercises, the pencil push up can be used to correct binocular visual disorders like strabismus. Your eye doctor will ask you to hold a pencil in front of you at arm’s length. You’ll then be asked to bring the pencil slowly towards the nose while keeping it in clear focus and repeat the exercise if the pencil starts to appear as a double image. You’ll perform this eye exercise several times per session.


Lazy eye, also known as amblyopia, is a childhood vision development disorder that causes misalignment of the eyes, reducing visual acuity. In patients with this condition, one eye is stronger than the other, resulting in the brain eventually ignoring signals from the weaker eye. To strengthen the weaker eye, your eye care specialist may recommend covering the stronger eye with a patch, which encourages the brain to acknowledge the visual input from the weaker eye.

Eye Movement Exercise

Extensive use of computers and other digital devices can lead to eye strain. To exercise your eye’s full range of motion, consider performing simple eye exercises. Sit upright, facing forward, and look up and down without moving the head. Continue to face forward, then look left and right.

Vision Rest

Your eye specialist may also suggest the “20/20/20 rule” for visual rest. After every 20 minutes of computer use, look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

Park Slope Eye offers vision therapy to help treat learning-related vision problems, poor binocular coordination and stress-related vision problems. Call us today at (347) 380-7070 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. We serve residents of Brooklyn, NY.


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