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Eye Problems: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments Hero

Eye Problems: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

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Vision happens when light rays are bent as they pass through the cornea and the lens, which are then focused on the retina. The retina converts these light rays into messages and transmits them to the brain, which then interprets them as the images we see. Unfortunately, this process called refraction does not always go smoothly. When errors take place along the way, eye conditions occur.

As the trusted eye care clinic in Brooklyn, New York, Park Slope Eye shares the causes of these conditions, their symptoms, and treatments. This way, you can understand better why they happen and how to deal with them.


Refractive errors are usually hereditary or a result of aging. Nearsightedness and farsightedness can be passed down from your parents. Both conditions are often discovered in childhood, but the former progresses throughout the teenage years while the latter may lessen in adulthood.

Presbyopia, on the other hand, is the aging of the lens. The lens gets more rigid after the age of 40, losing its ability to focus. As a result, it becomes harder to read at close range. While it is naturally occurring, presbyopia can also be combined with other types of refractive errors.

Astigmatism is the blurring or distorting of vision due to an imperfectly shaped cornea. It is also commonly occurring, but your eye specialist in Brooklyn, NY, will note that determining its exact cause is still difficult.


Blurred vision is the common sign of any refractive error, but symptoms may also include double vision, glare or seeing halos around bright lights, and haziness. Due to these eye problems, you may likewise experience squinting, eye strain, and headaches.


Although these eye diseases are either inherent or a product of aging, they can be corrected. Eyesight is arguably the most important of all five senses, so you should not take any eye problem lightly. Using eyeglasses, wearing contact lenses, and undergoing surgery are some options of eye care in Brooklyn, NY, to correct reflective errors.

Take care of your eyes. Schedule a check-up as soon as possible to diagnose eye problems and diseases early and treat it immediately. Call Park Slope Eye now at (347) 380-7070 to schedule your appointment.


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